Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just when I thought they couldn't get any worse

On Tuesday I received a new staff form (managers lodge them via our intranet) for a user interstate. We have a member of the IT team that works two days a week who normally handles new staff and terminations, so I mostly ignore these however the 'start date' on this form caught my eye. It was the 31st of May, it now approaching the end of July I just assumed this was a mistake.

I contacted the manager and this is the conversation that followed:

The ITG [12:23 PM]:
hey mate, on the form it says <users> start date was 31st of May
is that correct ?

Manager [12:24 PM]:
don't you love it when people don’t do their job. (here she was eluding to the fact that someone else should have put in the new staff form already, not sure who though!)

The ITG [12:24 PM]:
you've put TBA for where to set her up, I’m confused. What has she been working off for the last 2 months, and where ?

Manager [12:24 PM]:
poor girl is wondering why she didn't get paid - when i investigate - doesn't exist. She has been working out of <users office> - TBA just meant I needed to find the name of the computer to set her up for her.

The ITG [12:24 PM]:
surely she would have to realise she doesn’t have a computer login, a computer, an email address, a log in to anything
what has she been doing for 2 months ?

Manager [12:25 PM]:
she did training, and then some work only as casual - think was case of organising her to come in to see what we do, and then someone unilaterally booked her in for work - and probably did the backend case management software notes for her
that is my assessment anyway

Come on!!! are they fucking serious? Clearly a manager, either this one or another, has dropped the ball here big time but this user is sitting in an office, for 2 months, with 25+ other people who all have computer logins, they all have email addresses, business cards, mobile phones, their own laptops, case management software logins and access to our intranet. On top of that they are ALL GETTING PAID!!! For me alarm bells are ringing here, not only am I concerned about how this office is being run at a management level, I'm concerned about what kind of staff we're hiring. All I can think about is the episode of Seinfeld where George was working at the rest stop supply firm on the Penske file. He started at a company and didn't actually know he had a job as the manager who he thought hired him was on holidays. He spent weeks doing nothing until it was confirmed he was actually employed. The only difference here is that this user spent 2 months.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to work where I do.

On the plus side, I received my new ThinkGeek "I'm here because you broke somethings" T-shirt in the mail this week and plan on wearing it to work tomorrow. The worst part for me though is that this shirt rings true, but unfortunately most of the time the thing the users break is my head. Just like this manager.

The key is not to think too much about it, I only wish i was that kind of person.

Lets hope August is better than July.

Cheers, The ITG.

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