Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday loop de loop

Today we had a manager contact IT complaining that the phones have gone down at two of his sites. Our investigations (brief, as we don't really handle that system) showed that users at those sites were able to dial out but all incoming calls failed. We gave them an email address where they could get support from the service provider.

Five minutes later they called us to say that it was all sorted but didn't really want to offer up any details of what the problem was, we pressed. Turns out one office had diverted their lines to the other, and that office had theirs diverted back to the first.

Loop of death anyone? nope, just the loop of the idiots... made me giggle though.

Happy weekend! The ITG.


  1. always wondered what would happen if I tried that... would never admit to doing it

  2. hmmm, happened on April Fools Day ... sounds like a good stunt.