Monday, March 7, 2011

South African techfast

I had originally planned on doing regular blog posts from South Africa but apart from the first few days in Johannesburg and then the odd half hour here or there I've had a bit of a techfast forced on me. Being an IT guy away from the Internet is hard work, my partner has turned to me a few times and said "you're really struggling aren't you" ... I didn't realise it was that obvious!

I am currently staying with one of my partners aunties in Durban and when I came up the stairs last night you could imagine my joy when I saw a wireless router sitting on the table near the phone. I knew I couldn't ask for the wireless key straight away as I had just met the uncle for the first time and hadn't seen the auntie in years so we had to do the pleasantries, we ate, we drank then they explained they'd just yesterday had a death in the family and had to go out for a couple of hours to spend some time with grieving loved ones, most unfortunate indeed but I thought I could try to use this to my advantage!

I asked the uncle for his wireless key, he looked at me like I was speaking Chinese, he said we don't use wireless here (spewbuckets), I asked him if he had a computer I could use, and he explained yes but it isn't working (spewbuckets part two), I asked if I could plug in my laptop to the cord where the computer normally plugged in to, which I was interested to see as it was no where near the router, which they apparently didn't use wireless on. He took me there and it was indeed connected via a wireless network, also the computer appeared to be operating fine. On further questioning he explained to me that I could use the internet ok but his outlook was broken so i wouldn't be able to send any mails ... this guy really had no idea ;)

Not only did I fix his outlook, but used the routers default password to log in and improve his wireless network, at the same time getting the wifi key so I am happily sitting on my bed right now writing this on my laptop (and not a computer downstairs with a keyboard where neither the x or ? keys work, how do people live like this!)

I told him that he would need to buy a new keyboard, as he thought it was the computer that was causing those two key's to not work, and put a shortcut to 'on screen keyboard' on his desktop to tide him over until then.

so, the ITG breaths a sigh of relief ... sweet, albeit slow, interwebs ... how freaking good!

Also, I woke up this morning to see a monkey looking at me through the bedroom window, he had as much of a "what are you doing there" look on his face as I did, this place keeps on surprising me. I wasn't quick enough to get a pic of him but I have since been told that this is common place in Durban so I will attempt to get one over the next couple of days. I do have lots of great pics from the trip and plan to share some with you all when I get a chance to sit down and sift through them at home.

Hope all is well with all my readers and my heart goes out to all those suffering the after affects of the devastating quakes and subsequent tremors in New Zealand, according to my stats page quite a few of my frequent visitors are from there, including the good 'doc' so I hope all is well with you guys, my thoughts have been with you.

Lots more South African stories to follow, back home on the weekend and looking forward to writing some stuff down after reflecting on the trip.

Cheers, The ITG

p.s. just yesterday my blog quietly slipped past 2000 page views, wow .. I didn't expect that to happen in the first couple of years let alone the first 6 months. I've been interested to see the breakdown of stats by country / operating system / browser and plan to put together a post on it some time, hopefully you'll find it as interesting as me :)

UPDATE: my partners tech savy uncle asked us last night if we were on facebook. He explained he had just managed to work out how to set up an account (like he had just scaled Everest.) That right there is the exact reason i'm not! I could see the look on my missus' face when she begrudgingly admitted "yes, yes I am"

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  1. Thanks for your concern, ITG. There have certainly been a lot of people affected in a lot of ways. Makes me feel lucky to be so well off.