Sunday, January 30, 2011

Occupied ... for as long as it takes me to finish this post.

I'm going to expose something about the ITG here today, I nearly always use my computer when I'm sitting on the toilet. In fact I'm typing this post right now whilst seated at the throne. In the past I've told people that I was chatting to (when in front of my computer I'm normally involved in any number of IRC/skype/messenger chats) that I was sitting on the toilet and it seems to really freak people out, I just can't see why.

A lot of people like to make use of the time they spend on the toilet, that's why you'll normally see a stack of magazines or a few books sitting next to the bowl, I think I've just taken it one step further and I really don't see the problem with it. I must admit I've been known to take a phone call while doing my business and occasionally been called on it. I completely understand someone not wanting to know what you're doing through way of hearing sound effects but if I'm typing at my desk, or typing on the lounge, or typing on the toilet, as far as the recipient of the message is concerned ... I fail to see the difference.

These days I'm lost if I find myself in the bathroom without at least my phone, to try the latest app, or read up on the most up to date news, or in the very least; read some useless fact someone has tweated about how their pizza is too cold (or too hot, or some other rubbish). I've mentioned in this blog before that I often work from home (I normally take a day a week) and it's not unusual for me to be fixing someone's computer or managing some users permissions whilst in the smallest room in my house.

Having a young family I find that the bathroom happens to be one of the very few places in my house where I can get some peace and quiet, if it wasn't for wireless networking I could probably make do with a hole in the ground like they do in China or India, in and out, don't waste any of my precious time! Fortunately for me that's not the way it is where I live. I like to have a good long sit, a good long think and get some stuff done.

Does anyone else out there agree with me, or am I freaking you all out?

I best get back out there, so much stuff to do. Pity I can't put a toilet in every room in my house!

Cheers, The ITG


  1. You're freaking me out a little. But when I think about it logically, why not? Do you have a little lap-level table in there specifically for laptop purposes? Or do you just sit it on your knees?

  2. I generally like to keep my time spent on the crapper to a minimum, but I share the sentiment.

  3. @doc .. nope, i've got a bin in there and i sit the lappy on that. I'm one of those people who don't think putting a laptop on your lap is a good idea!

  4. well must say that it was quoted during a forum of travian

    $1500 for laptop
    $120 wifi router
    raiding while on the crapper priceless

    I agree I often to my wife discussed leave the appropriate doors open so I can still watch the tv.