Friday, December 24, 2010

A short Christmas ITG giggle

This is a conversation I had with my missus the other day, she was proudly showing me the powerpoint presentation she had been working on for a meeting in the office. I asked,

     "Are you going to use a projector in the office to present this?"

     "No, to do that I'd need to move it onto another computer, I'm just going to print off a heap of copies because I don't know how to put a USB on it"

Then I get into trouble for laughing at her!

Merry Christmas, The ITG


  1. You should have shown her how to put a USB on it. Shame on you for laughing! :P

    At least she didn't call it a UBS, or worse, a BUS... I get these a lot too...

  2. LOL ITG, you should have told her it was next to the garlic flakes!!