Friday, December 10, 2010

A picture is worth 1062 words

Hi All, i know i said I'd get back to posting about IT related stuff soon but seeing as i haven't been working this week i don't have a lot to report. I thought I'd give you an update on my condition and bring you an incredible picture of a man on fire that i didn't know existed until yesterday.

Those of you who read my blog will know that i was burnt last week trying to start a fire with petrol. It's been a week of ups and downs. Mostly ups when the drugs kick in and then downs when they start to wear off and i have to wait until I'm able to take some more again. My face turned black, then the black skin peeled to leave some very red skin exposed. After nearly a week this new skin is starting to look a little more normal (normal being a relative term). I'm still "stop and stare" but not so much "mummy, is that man dying?"

My hand unfortunately seems to be going backwards, it's very ugly. Skin peeling off, big blisters, i cant bend my fingers. It's mostly bandaged and Ive been going to the doctors every 2 days to change the dressing, which mainly involves rubbing it down with antiseptic and then cutting away the dead skin... it's about as much fun as it sounds.

There is also my foot. In the hospital on the weekend they told me "Burns can take up to 72 hours to declare themselves" which i thought was a bit of an odd term, you think if something burns you then you'd know about it. They discharged me saying that my foot was fine. True to the term though my foot decided it'd wait a day or two and then declare the hell out of itself by going bright red, i had a blister on it when i went to bed last night about the size of an Oreo cookie. It actually burst early this morning while i was sleeping. I'm typing this while i wait for the drugs to kick back in so i can go to bed.

I'm going back to the burns ward for a follow up appointment in the next couple of days so hopefully its all good news and by the end of next week i will be good to go (for my offices Christmas Party!) One of the great things about being an ITG is that you are able to work from home where needed, which is what i plan to do next week. Only about 10% of my company is located at the office where i work so for the other 90% they don't know if I'm at home, in a cafe or sitting at my desk. This has actually lead to me accruing quite a lot of sick leave over the years and although I've used a few this week i think I'll still have around 2.5 months owing.

OK... down to the good stuff, as i said earlier i didn't know until the other day but my mate that was there the other night was taking a picture as i lit the fire. This is a transcript of our conversation:

<mate> i have a pic, like just after the fireball
<mate> i havent shown anyone
<ITG> oh really
<ITG> send it !
<mate> because i didnt think it was right
<mate> your hair is on fire
     he sends me the pic
<ITG> thats awesome
<ITG> i was secretly hoping you'd filmed it
<mate> yeah, me too
<ITG> how big was the fireball ?
<mate> seriously
<mate> massive
<mate> you were fully engulfed
<mate> waaay over your head

So, here is the pic. Its a bit difficult to make out at first but once you realise what you're looking at i think it's quite amazing. You can see the fire being sucked back towards the chiminea as it searches for oxygen post fireball. You can see the fire from the vapour that is all over the floor (where the pavers im stanging on are burning). You can also see the fire lapping at my right leg and foot, which goes some way towards explaining the blister that popped last night. Also, true to my mates word if you look closely you can see my hair is on fire. Feel free to share this pic with whoever you want i just can't stop looking at it!

It needs to be viewed in full size to fully appreciated (click on the picture or here to get a better look). Keep in mind that not one bit of fuel landed or splashed outside of the fireplace so all of fire you see there (apart from the bit inside the chiminea) is just burning vapour. For those of you with a keen eye, don't worry ... my bike was fine :)

Finally, even though i haven't been working this week I've still had occasion for users to piss me off, I'll post something early next week about that.

Cheers, The ITG

P.S. my last post was 1062 words long, hence the Title of this one.