Monday, November 22, 2010

this is what mouse movements look like

I found this cool little application called IOGraph, you can get it for free from their website here.

It tracks your mouse movements and graphs it for you.

Here is an image created from me running it for a full day of work:

Click here to see it full size

From what i can tell, a black circle is when your cursor sits idle (the bigger the circle the longer it was idle) and a white circle with a black dot is if it doesn't move for only a short time.

Thought it was kinda cool and wanted to share.

Cheers, The ITG


  1. So, tell me what you see in this ink blot?
    Why, it's the mouse universe, of course!
    LOL sorry, am amused.
    That is pretty awesome art and mind boggling how far the mouse travels in a day.

  2. looks like you sneezed