Sunday, November 21, 2010

Take my wife, please.

Fridays at my work are generally pretty easy going. Friday afternoons even more so. I guess if people come across IT issues on a Friday they tend to think it'd be best to leave them for Monday. Even though this makes Monday mornings crazy (which are already busy because of all the people who have killed just the right amount of brain cells over the weekend to forget their passwords) it means that Friday arvo's are nice and cruisy. This gives me a chance to play catchup or plan for the next week. Last Friday wasn't like this. It was uncharacteristically busy and most of the issues that were coming through were stupid. I don't really mind stupid requests that much, they sometimes make for good stories but generally they are quick fixes. I'll often tell a user when they say "oh sorry, you must think im so blond!", "no stress at all mate, these are my favourite kind of requests".

With Friday arvo being a bit of a chore i was really looking forward to getting home to have a nice relax and not have to deal with any more stupidity, this was not to be the case.

As i was getting ready to leave the office my missus called me and asked what time i was going to be home as her Dad was coming up and she was cooking dinner. This was welcome news as I do most of the cooking in our house and was in a 'I'm going to order take away and have a couple of drinks because i really cant be bothered cooking' kind of a mood.

Once i got home she realised we were out of Parmesan for our pasta so decided to pop up to the shop with her dad to buy some, the bottle of Canadian Club Whisky on the shelf was begging me to drink it but I had nothing to use as a mixer so i asked her to grab me some dry ginger.

Upon arriving home I was handed a small Jar of 'Garlic Steak Seasoning' when she said:

     "they had no dry ginger, will this be ok?"

I was baffled, i must have looked at her for a full 30 seconds before my brain rebooted. OK, I'm pretty sure i said to her i wanted to drink some CC&dry but i completely understand that not everything i say in my head makes it out my mouth. Lets assume i didn't... even if she thought i wanted some Dried Ginger pieces what confuses me the most here is that she had already cooked dinner, it was basically done, firstly what did she think i needed ginger for? Secondly, if the shop didn't have the dried pieces of ginger that she thought i wanted why did she think a mixture of Garlic, salt, pepper and herbs would be a good substitute? The best bit was i already had a jar of this stuff in the cupboard and like 3 full heads of garlic in the fridge.

I asked her all this, she just laughed and said:

     "I don't know"

She's a strange one alright.

Cheers, The ITG


  1. Based on the fact that she didn't question it when you asked for "dry ginger" (which clearly isn't a drink), you must say a lot of really strange things in day-to-day life.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed your CC and steak seasoning!

  2. Dry Ginger is so a drink. Scotch and dry was an institution in my house. Very troll like "doc"