Thursday, November 11, 2010

ok, things are starting to get out of control

I was giving someone instructions today over the phone about how to do something on their computer. When i needed them to right click something to get up the context sensitive menu and click on properties, i asked her to do just that:

"Ok, click on Start, then right click on 'my computer' and choose 'properties'"

to which i received a response that i never in a million years expected...

The user went on a rant about being left handed, and how right click for her is left click. She seemed genuinely offended by my assumption that she used her mouse with her right hand. Is this a joke ?

I've offended someone before for assuming their kid was a boy when it was in fact a girl, I've offended someone before when assuming they were pregnant when in fact they were just a little tubby, I've got someones nose out of joint for assuming that they agreed with my political or religious outlook but this is certainly a first.

Now maybe this particular user was having a bad morning, maybe her boss was hammering her for something else and  my right handed assumption was just one too many straws on her camels back but i think we need to take a good long hard look at ourselves as a society if we're going to start taking offence at someone as menial as this!

ok, that's me for today, just popped in for a quick spiel and to say "harden up" before i go off and offend someone else.

Cheers, The ITG


  1. do people who use mouses with their left hands usually switch the buttons around, or no?

    Also--i talked to an IT guy today, and I was hoping their would be some amusing communication issues, but no such luck.

  2. essentially switching the setting to say the mouse is left handed and not right only switches the buttons. It's up to you to be honest with yourself and move it to your left hand... the computer has no way of policing that ;)

    feel free to engage me in conversation anytime, i'll do my best to guarentee some communication issues! The ITG

  3. Sounds very much like she was having a bad day. Even lefties would know what an IT guy means when he says 'right mouse click'. LOL