Sunday, November 14, 2010

ok, now I'm starting to get out of control.

I work in a 12 story building on one of the upper levels, today i got in the lift and pressed my floor, then noticed a man rushing for the lift talking loudly on his phone. Being a decent human being i held my arm in front of the doors to stop them from closing so he could make the lift.

The first thing that annoyed me was that he didn't step completely into the lift, he realised that he would probably lose reception and his call would drop if he let the doors close so he stood in the way of the doors for what felt like 12 minutes, but was probably closer to 20-30 seconds, so he could finish his phone call.

He pressed floor 2, this is another thing that kinda peeved me off, i wouldn't imagine I'd be taking the lift over walking up 1 or 2 flights, but in our building i find I'm often waiting a minute or so with someone for a lift and then they press 1. they could have been up and down twice in that time! Lets not call this strike 2 as some people hate stairs (I've been known to say that i consider typing exercise so we'll let this one slide)

Doors open for floor 2 and he stepped out and then stepped back in and says:

     "oh, this isn't my floor, I'm not sure exactly what floor I'm on"

He then proceeded to press 3, 4 and 5, then he gave me a look like "gee I'm an idiot", i felt that with the look that i already had on my face, if i had of replied with "yes, yes you are an idiot" there probably would have been a scuffle, he wasn't a particularly small man and had one of those looks like he'd been in a fight or two. If this is the kind of regard he shows for other people I'm not surprised.

After the doors opened on floor 3 he looks out and says.

     "Yep, this is it"

He gives me another stupid look and then walks out. No "sorry about that mate", he just walked out. I was then stuck to watch the lift open on 4 and then close, then again on 5. To rub salt into the wound there was a rather attractive young lady that i see from time to time waiting for the lift on level 5. I felt like she was thinking "look at this idiot who doesn't know how to use a lift"

By the time i got up to my level i was fuming, i felt like you could have lit a smoke off my face. I once heard the comedian Dylan Moran say "the rage I'm feeling right now, you could bottle it". This is exactly how i felt... Now i think that most people in my situation would have probably felt a little annoyance at what had just occurred but the problem I'm having is just how angry i was. The reality here is that instead of taking 1 minute to get to my office it took me 2-3, where is the big deal. I cant imagine the ITG of 10 or even 5 years ago getting this angry over something like that. I think we've all had that "why am i so angry" moment when driving a car and someone cuts us off but was i now experiencing "Lift Rage"? I hope not!

I'm going to continue my theme of making personal pledges (started in my Mobile Etiquette post) and promise to chill more. Is being held up a minute or so worth an early grave? The (new) ITG thinks not. Want to join me?

Cheers, The ITG

p.s. I should probably mention that i was holding a freshly toasted 12 inch sub and heading back up to the office to eat lunch. Take note .. a hungry ITG is an angry ITG.

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  1. I think it was because of the sub. I was doing the same thing the other week. and it was just somebody taking too long to get in the lift. but when you've got a hot sub in your hand, 5 seconds is just too long to wait.