Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday afternoon funnies

I received two rather frantic sounding IT forms yesterday afternoon within a minute of each other. They both informed me that a whole team of people (about a dozen) were offline in one of our offices. I could see the office was online, i could log into the server, so i knew it wasn't a site issue. As I've said before Friday arvo's are normally fairly easy going and it was already late in the day, the last thing i felt like doing was on Friday afternoon was troubleshooting a major network issue over the phone with someone on the other side of the country! Ahh well, this is what I'm getting paid to do so i picked up the phone.

I called up one of the managers that the request related to and started working through the problem with her. After only a few seconds i realised that there just wasn't the sense of urgency in her voice which i expected with 12 of her workers sitting there twiddling their thumbs.

     "sorry mate, when did all you guys get knocked offline?"

     "oh, no, its not everyone, it's just me"

    "Hmm, the forms said no one in your team was able to get online though"

     "yeah, sorry about that. I was offline so i popped my head out of my office and asked 'is everyone else offline?' and they all responded yes, even though they weren't"

     "do you have any idea why they said that?"

     "no, sorry, i don't"

The thing that i found the most worrying was that she didn't even seem to think this was unusual, or care that they had all confirmed they were unable to work when in fact they could. Top managing there!

For those of you at home keeping score, she had unplugged her network cable for some reason and forgotten to plug it back in. All this happened close enough to beer o'clock for me not to care.

Happy Weekend! The ITG.

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  1. I love working with people, this stuff always makes me smile